Tap into the minds of some of our brightest with this list of articles and papers published by NOJA Power. Our revolutionary design comes from some of the best in the industry, and sharing ideas sparks the innovation which we strive for.

Carbon Emission Reductions by the Implementation of a Smart Grid

By Steven Keeping (Technology Writer)

Abstract: A smart grid – a computerised electricity transmission and distribution network incorporating monitoring, reconfiguration and real time feedback – promises to revolutionise energy delivery by lowering costs, minimising outage frequency and duration, and simplifying the interfacing of renewable energy sources to the system.


Only Smart Reclosers Build Smart Grids

By Neil O'Sullivan (Managing Director) / Bruno Kimura (Brazil Managing Director)

Abstract: Smart Grid is on the agenda of almost every utility in the world today. A true Smart Grid starts with the automation of utilities distribution networks and a key building block for the automation of distribution networks is reclosers. What do reclosers need to provide this building block? This paper attempts to summarise the solution.


DNP3 Security: Challenges and Solutions

By Alan Scott (R&D Software Development Manager)

Abstract: SCADA networks have historically been designed to optimize efficiency and functionality, without consideration of cyber-security issues. Increasing inter-connectedness of networks and regulatory oversight has now elevated cyber-security to be a mandatory consideration for many network operators.